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We Provide A Wide Range Of Services

Mobile App Development

MantraRaj Infotech can help businesses build consequential and truly utility based apps, which have equal consideration and facilitation of innovativeness, as well as familiarity.Through the platforms available, these apps to be built are exceptionally factored with the overlying qualities where every work performed and accomplished would be based upon competency and consistency of skill, expertise and experience.

Android App Development

The requirement of user-friendly and easy to use platform is only possible with Android App Development. Android is the most widespread platform for applications to run upon with priorities given to an extreme mode of compatibility, as well as flexibility in the environment. Get a flexible environment and make user-friendly application Android Application is the best option from all platforms. MantraRaj Infotech serves this service with the best Android features in the IT world.

IPhone App Development

For professional persons, iPhone maintains their standard, So professional and high-level persons always looking for iPhone with extraordinary features. MantraRaj Infotech develops an application for iPhone which comes with extraordinary features. Develop With a high ordered demand placed upon proper functioning and exclusivity, iPhone apps can set a precedent to an altogether different audience niche in essence.

Ipad App Development

Although the screen size may differ, the apps made for iOS shall be optimized to run on any platform, irrespective of the size definitions of the screen at large. The size of the iPhone and iPad are always different, So because of the size matters with iPhone App Development competitively develop iPad App which is helpful for iPad. Our company MantraRaj Infotech always develop as better as possible iPhone Application.

Custom App Development

Aperson only knows what exactly they want. You could very well have your own specifications for the development of an app, and can constitute any exigencies involved to satisfy your own needs and preferences. As per the requirement of any person, MantraRaj Infotech helps to fulfill that and develop a Custom Application with Extraordinary Features. For a person, Custom Application Development is the best from all other application, because it develops only with given requirements and with particular features.

Windows App Development

Innowadays surfing and IT possible in different Gadgets. When windows system also comes in Mobile Phones there is must need to develop Windows application. Though not as prominent, developing Windows apps for mobile phones possess the greatest advantage in terms of the specific processes and tasks they are able to achieve. MantraRaj Infotech Develop windows app for Mobile Phones which can be so attractive and easy to use for the public.

Wearable App Development

Inthis small world, no one wants to carry extra gadgets so If possible they want also IT in wearable things so without carrying other things they can use the web, surfing and all IT related solution. As the smart device technology becomes intrinsically divergent with the passage of time, so does their application in different device specifications, some of which have their own specific type of applicability. MantraRaj Infotech also provides service to develops an application that uses for Wearable things.

AR App Development

The next big move in the IT sector is AR Application(Augmented Reality Application). Also, the growth of the AR Application gives a positive result for new business opportunities. Work with an Innovative way is possible with AR Application. Develop innovative AR Applications and watch reality in virtual with us. MantraRaj Infotech always tries to give unique to their clients in the IT field, so also for AR Application we provide unique and the best application and Custom Application also.

Website & CMS Development

Websites have certainly become the order of the day for business all throughout the world, and with the constantly changing facets of the technology sector, MantraRaj Infotech has a lot to cover and encompass. With website development, MantraRaj Infotech also develops CMS with including WordPress, Joomla, Drupal and Magento with attractive design.

PHP Web Development

PHP is one kind of web development language which is widely spread in this world. For website development, PHP also used widely because of PHP provides smooth operation also facilitates ERP Software. The extra benefit with the use of PHP is Open Source Code Language so anyone can use the source code if a need for the future. MantraRaj Infotech develops web with different language including PHP Language which is most preferable because of its easy coding and Open Source Code.

CakePhp web Development

CakePHP is one type of framework and an extended version of PHP. MantraRaj Infotech makes a website using CakePHP with a more secure platform. Our main reason for developing websites on CakePHP is using advanced PHP concepts, All things are based on OOPS Concepts, Security Level is so High and Many More Reason and Features. MantraRaj Infotech provides the website on this language with a free environment.

WordPress Development

Ifanyone wants to develop a web but without coding, so the best option is WordPress. Indexial Solution develops a WordPress website with an experienced Developer. Develop a website with WordPress is helpful for SEO purpose. With unique features of WordPress, we develop a website and it looks very attractive. WordPress provides regularly updated plugins, with the use of these unique plugins MantraRaj Infotech develop the innovative website. Also saving time is possible when developing a website with WordPress. In a less time develop a website with MantaraRaj Infotech with an attractive look.

Joomla Development

Inthe Content Management System, MantraRaj Infotech develops the website with Joomla. The advantage of developing a website with Joomla is one of the Most Popular Language in the present moment. Mainly we develop a website with Joomla in the sense of Benefits in Business because of many web hosts provide the best support with the use of this framework of PHP. We also serve this service not only with the reason for Business Application but also for easier Manage.

Dupler Development

MantraRaj Infotech is the developing company which develops all types of a website using Content Management System(CMS). When CMS coming in IT world Drupal is one of the best CMS. We develop a website using Drupal which is the right computing platform of CMS. Drupal is one kind of framework of PHP and PHP is Open Source which provides source code online that is so helpful for the future. Drupal User Community Continuously develops an extended version of Drupal so we develop a website with using Dupler is so extraordinary.

.Net Development

.Net comes from Microsoft. MantraRaj Infotech also works on .Net language and develop a website with .Net. This provides a secure environment because of security must first matter. .Net provides features for easily interact and compatible with any environment. We use .Net for developing web and we give more compatibility and security. In the current moment .Net uses in business everywhere because of its power of interaction and security. So MantraRaj Infotech also develops attractive and useful web on .Net language.

ECommerce Development

MantraRaj Infotech delivers E-commerce with high features, which helps your online business for booming in the world through our experience of E-commerce development. We offer the best solution related to E-commerce which includes services like Magento, Shopify and Big Commerce. MantraRaj Infotech also provides services after deployment of E-Commerce Software like Maintainance and other types of support in affordable prices.

Magento Development

MantraRaj Infotech provides E-commerce services in a different way. From all E-commerce services, Magento is a service provided by us. With E-Commerce online growth for any business is possible. When E-Commerce develops with Magento it is most beneficial for retail businesses. Magento is open source so for any business security is less but give other best features. We make a website using Magento and help to grow your business online.

Shopify Development

MantraRaj Infotech is an IT Company which provides all types of services also includes all E-Commerce services. In all E-Commerce services, Shopify is also a service which uses for E-Commerce. Public wants to design Shopify Websites for their online existence and fame online also to target the particular customer and purchase sell particular products with Shopify. MantraRaj Infotech develops custom Shopify website for any product and helps in your personal retail and wholesale business.

Big Commerce Development

Inthe E-Commerce world, Big Commerce is a very important part. The MantraRaj Infotech helps in Big Commerce with a custom design. Custom design develops on your demand so it is comfortable for you and you can grow your online business according to your chosen design and interface. Big Commerce offers you a special team which assists you for your business growth. With Indexial Solution’s Big Commerce service anyone can sell anything online and target customers in market as per requirement.

Digital Marketing

MantraRaj Infotech Limited. takes pride to introduce itself as one of the promising Website Designing and Web site Development Company based in London, England, United Kingdom. and also in India. We provide wide range of services related to Online Business starting from creating new website to Internet marketing for that Web Site. Due to its high level of professionalism and extreme dedication towards work,MantraRaj Infotech Limited has emerged as one of the promising Web Site Design, Website Development, Graphic Design and Internet marketing firm in London(UK) and India in very short span of time.

Facebook Ads Management

Business on Facebook with MantraRaj Infotech is the best way for your business growth. We serve this service of Digital Marketing for Facebook. We help you spread your business everywhere with marketing on Facebook. For marketing on Facebook, we use different types as we post on your account regularly, we also do group post, put stories for sell your product and we grow your Facebook marketing in different ways. MantraRaj Infotech makes attractive ads and posts on Facebook for your personal growth.

Search Engine Optimization

MantraRaj Infotech is an IT company which provides best SEO or Search Engine Optimization for their all clients. We provide mainly two types of SEO like On Page SEO and Off Page SEO. In Off Page SEO Indexial Solution helps you in Branding your personal business. And in On Page SEO mainly in the organic way we help in ranking up your website, our specialization in that. Other services in On Page SEO like Meta Key Word and Description, Goal Set, Analysis, Optimize Website and many more services provided by MantraRaj infotech in SEO.

Google Shopping Ads Management

Google is a huge platform on which huge world meet together on a single platform. For this MantraRaj Infotech provide the best way with its service Google Shopping Ads Management. Like another shopping site, we offer you personal branding for your website. MantraRaj Infotech helps organic way and make Ads for ranking up your Shopping Websites. With the help of our Shopping Ads, we can say that your Business will get more success.

Google Search Ads Management

When anyone searches on Google for any product there are so many comparative websites which show the same product at different prices. For that, if anyone wants their product’s ranking up on Google MantraRaj Infotech help in that. Our company give paid service and manage your Ads and try our best for ranking up on Google with which any targeted customer can show your product first and your sell will be increasing on Google. MantraRaj Infotech always tries to give their best in Digital Marketing and especially in Google related services.

Email Marketing

Email is Professional media for any Business talks. So marketing with Email is the best way of marketing Online. The main meaning of Email Marketing is to sell or purchase products or promote your brand using Email services. MantraRaj Infotech marketing in Organic way and make Professional and Very Attractive Email for your product’s branding which can increase your business growth by selling more and more products. In nowadays Email is in highest use so all business person check email so we provide service of Email marketing and sends Email to targeted public and on perfect time.

Instagram Growth

MantraRaj Infotech handles your Instagram Account in Organic way. Mean of this is on moment Instagram is on booming so marketing with Instagram is beneficial for any businessman. We give this services in package and handle your Instagram Account for that we do post on Instagram about your product and try for your business to go ahead. In this generation, youth are mostly active on this social media so we give Ads of your business time to time for branding your product with which increase your products selling and possible growth your Instagram Account.

Conversion Rate Optimization

The major use of Conversion Rate Optimization increases a percentage of website visitors in the systematic process. MantraRaj Infotech is specialized in marketing and main marketing is possible with an increment of visitors for that MantraRaj Infotech think and get innovative ideas and provides something unique each and every time with this clients can impress and visitor also increase more and more. In Conversion Rate Optimization We try to get more decisive visitors to fill the form, for becoming our customers and other things with which businessman can grow their business.

IT Services

Some special services are almost always needed for a large number of organizations across the board, which can be effectively met upon by MantraRaj Infotech. IT related all services and solutions stay consistent in use for that we include unique features and services for your online business support. In current time IT reaches on high level for that MantraRaj Infotech gives best supports.

C# Development

C# is one type of programming language which comes from Microsoft. Need for C# arises for removing bugs from c++ and other old version programming languages. MantraRaj Infotech develops projects using C# which provides more security. We have trained and experienced programmer for C# development. C# is an Object Oriented language and is run on every platform like Android, iPhone, Windows. MantraRaj Infotech uses this widely spread language and develops your project on C#. If further need regarding C# you can contact with us.

Java Development

Java is fully Object Oriented language which provides a huge and secure platform. MantraRaj Infotech help in developing projects on Java which is Evergreen. Java is the most popular programming language in this world and develops a Java application for your business can help you in everything like manage quality with reasonable cost is possible by Java. If you want to develop Java application you can contact MantraRaj Infotech who develop your Java application with Java Application Specialist. Also, your Java Application is done with additional feature and using the advance version of Java.

Logo Designing

Inthis booming businesses, everyone needs to stay in their position or get a high position. For that logo is the only thing can define your business unique way. With the logo, you can be branding your business. MantraRaj Infotech designs a logo for you very attractive and with the best look. For making a perfect logo for your business and also which logo can help in your business branding we are here for you. The logo is the thing which prints your minds thinking in one design for your business with that you can target those clients which you want. MantraRaj Infotech designs all kinds of logos with well and attractive design for any business.

Web Designing

Web designing is the most attractive thing with which you can attract everyone with your online website. MantraRaj Infotech offers you a design a website with a perfect SEO because of with this you can get fame online on your business website. In designing field we serve these all like Landing Page Design and Start With A Pre-Built Template designing and many more designing. Custom web designs which you want we also offer you. MantraRaj Infotech design web with professional and with an attractive look which is beneficial for your online business website growth.
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